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Preschool, Child, and Adolescent CounselingPreschool, Child, and Adolescent Counseling will assist parents in developing positive parenting skills that will help improve communication, increase cooperation, and motivate their children.

When put into practice, these skills will assist your children in developing the necessary skills for successful living: forgiveness of others and themselves, sharing, delayed gratification, self-esteem, patience, persistence, respect for others and themselves, cooperation, compassion, confidence, and the ability to be happy.

Dr. Sarah Harter, Shelley Plude, MSW, LICSW and Dr. Dave Plude offer a wide array of services to help families with their youngest members. Dr. Harter not only provides therapy services on-site here at APC, she also is available for services at Ordean East Middle School and Duluth East High School.

Dr. Plude has specialized training in the areas of child/adolescent attention problems and behavioral problems, as well as anxiety disorders. Dr. Plude is currently working with many of the area's youth, helping children and families set up strategies to improve attention, reduce the avoidance associated with anxiety, and improve behavior, and athletic performance.

New Skills for:
  • Creating cooperation
  • Minimizing resistance
  • Improving communications
  • Increasing motivation
  • Asserting leadership
  • Maintaining control
Different Intelligence:
  • Academic intelligence
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Physical intelligence
  • Creative intelligence
  • Artistic intelligence
  • Common sense intelligence
  • Intuitive intelligence
  • Gifted intelligence
Your Child's Temperament:
  • The sensitive child
  • The active child
  • The responsive child
  • The receptive child
Clinicians Who Specialize in Preschool, Child, and Adolescent Counseling

Dr. Dave Plude
Dr. Dave Plude, PsyD
Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Sarah Harter

Dr. Sarah Harter, PsyD

Kristi Kuns

Kristi Kuns, MA

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