Couples Counseling

Arrowhead Psychological Clinic has a well-established history providing marital and family therapy dating back over 35 years. Clinicians here at APC are trained at the Doctoral and Master’s Degree level and have specific training within the specialty area of family and marriage counseling.

Today’s busy families take on many shapes and forms.  We are experienced in working with couples of all ages and at all stages of their relationships, including, but not limited to: couples without children, with young children, with grown children, blended families and same sex couples.

Learn skills to Improve trust, balance, fulfillment, emotional and physical intimacy in your current relationship.  In addition to this, couples can learn the power of good listening skills, appreciation, as well as skills to heal from hurtful or traumatic past relationships.

Learn skills to reduce resentment, distance, poor boundaries, and the frequency, intensity and duration of family conflicts.

It truly is a new era for marriage and family.  Many of the roles and role models we grew up with may not adequately prepare us for new demands of marriage that, more than ever, include an expectation that emotional needs are getting met.

It has been our sense that many couples come in for counseling to build communication skills, but often discover that they are truly looking to be understood and heard.  They are often concerned that if nothing improves, their marriage may worsen beyond repair.

Give us a call if you are interested in healing from relationship traumas such as infidelity, resentment that is pushing you apart, extended family stress, lack of emotional/physical intimacy, falling out of love and/or learning to move forward with a more fulfilling relationship.

Clinicians at APC have received education and training in numerous models of couples and family counseling including but not limited to systems based family therapy, relational life therapy, as well as other more gender based programs.  We strive to be trained in cutting edge interventions and often tailor interventions to individual clients.

Give us a call at 218 723-8153 for scheduling.