Attention Deficit Disorders

Dr. David Plude, PsyD, director of the ADD program at APC, has conducted neuropsychological research at the University of Minnesota, Duluth on Attention Deficit Disorders with adolescents and college students. This research focused on helping students succeed academically and socially within a college atmosphere. Significant developments appear to support that accurate diagnosis, medications, behavioral therapy, and a cognitive training program are beneficial for individuals with ADD. Other research published by Dr. Plude includes the utilization of new computerized tools for assessing childhood ADD/ADHD.

"ADD is a complex issue and treatments involving medications and/or other cognitive training elements are essential for effective interventions. Furthermore, it is important for clinicians to understand the feelings of an individual with attention problems, as they have often experienced a lifetime of challenges both academically and socially. Unfortunately ADD is often misdiagnosed, as numerous other issues can look like ADD and hyperactivity."

   - David B. Plude, PsyD

Arrowhead Psychological Clinic is pleased to have your interest in our Attention Deficit Disorder Clinic.

As always, our program is designed to meet each client's needs on an individualized basis. We are firm believers that the best way to meet our client's needs is to tailor our services to them and design a program to meet their needs. We will make every attempt to assure the most comfortable, private, timely, and professional service possible.

The goals of the ADD program involve accurately understanding the individual's unique difficulties, experiences, and abilities. In doing this, our program seeks to help individuals understand their potential, overcome difficulties, and learn to deal with a society and educational system that demands attentiveness. Social, academic, and occupational growth are developed by building confidence and establishing motivation and an effective method of challenging the tasks and activities these    individual's have begun to avoid.

The assessment and intervention method used by Arrowhead Psychological Clinic is designed to focus on those areas that will help our clients succeed and maximize happiness. Using several different psychological and neuropsychological tests, our therapists will provide a comprehensive view of potential strengths and concerns and help develop a plan designed to enhance the client's ability to succeed.